4 Reasons to trim candle wicks

If you're like every one I know (myself included until before I started my chandler journey), you probably don't pay any mind to candle warning labels and their instructions.

It's time to change that - one of the things you should ALWAYS do is make sure you are trimming your candle's wicks to about 1/4" before each burn.

Why, you ask? Well, here are 4 reasons for you:

· it will prevent soot formation, keeping the candle container nice and clean (nobody likes that unsightly black stain on the glass);

· it will keep the flame at a good height, ensuring it doesn't form excessively big mushrooms on the wick;

· it will help the jar to not overheat, decreasing your chance of burning yourself (but make sure to not move the candle while it's lit, the jar does get hot);

· it will let you make the most out of your candle by not burning through the wax too fast.

Does all of this sound good to you? Great!

So go ahead, trim those wicks and enjoy your candle fully.

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Happy Candle Burning!