Help mom relax this mother's day

Mom, the maestro, she keeps everything running smoothly (for most of the time, I mean, we're only human) and a lot of times it's easy to forget how much is actually on her plate. If you're not a mom yourself (and that is totally fine!) when was the last time you thought about all she has done for you? And if you are a mom, when was the last time you did something for yourself only, without worrying about lunch, laundry, grocery shopping, work, kid's homework, and so on (you get the idea!)? Not sure what to do to show how much you appreciate mom (psst... hubbies and daddies this is for you too), read on for some ideas.

three photos of mothers and their children - mother's day
photo credits: @standsome, @scoutthecity, @art_maltsev

The truth is, celebrating mom doesn't have to be a super elaborate thing, it really boils down to the small things - take some things off her plate (tell her you're doing it, don't ask), tell her how much she is appreciated, and give her the chance to have some relaxing down time. It's that simple!

This Mother's Day why not start with letting her sleep in and making her a nice brunch? After that, spend some quality time together doing something she likes and doesn't get to do often, and to end on a high note why not get her a nice bath bomb or bath salts set, and the cherry on top, a nice book and a scented soy candle! We recommend our best seller, Eucalyptus Lavender, she will love it!

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Happy Mother's Day!