Fragrance OILS & phthalates

Get a lighter, or strike a match and light that scented soy candle you love so much. Let the fragrance take you to that favourite memory, or let it become part of a brand new one. It's incredible how smells have such a great link to our memories.

So what are these fragrance oils that can have such an impact on our memory building?

Glass vials being filled with fragrance oil via pipette
Fragrance Oils

Fragrance oils are made by mixing essential oils, synthetic aroma chemicals, and aromatic resins. There are thousands of fragrance ingredients (natural and synthetic) that may be used to formulate any certain scent. These ingredients may present in liquid, powder, or crystalline form. In the last two cases a solvent is needed to turn them into liquid. This is where phthalates usually come in (at least until more recently, when more people started preferring a phthalate free approach).

A commonly used solvent is Di Ethyl Phthalate (DEP), which has been declared safe (within certain levels) and utilized in candles for over 50 years. DEP is also used to extend the aromatic strength of a fragrance oil.

Now, solvents are a necessary component in the production of fragrance oils, but some companies also use diluents, which are cutting agents that reduce the strength of a fragrance oil. A common diluent is Di Propylne Glycol, and it prevents candles from burning properly, so it should never be used in candle making. In effort to turn toward a more "natural" candle experience, many companies have started to avoid the use of diluents and turned to alternative, phthlate free solvents such as Di-butyl sebacate (DBS) which can be used as a cosmetic and perfume additive.

There is a type of phthalate, however, that creates concern amongst people, but this type is used as a “plasticizer” which means it makes a plastic product flexible, without compromising its strength (it's scary how these can be found in everything from clothing to toys (for children and adults alike!), medical equipment and household items (think flexible, plasticky things). This kind is not used in making fragrance oils.

Rest assured the fragrance oils used in our candles are thoroughly tested, of great quality, undiluted, and phthalate free, so you can feel good about the scented soy wax candles you buy from us. Click here to see our scented candles.

Go ahead, light that candle, make new memories and enjoy reminiscing about the old ones.