The Facts About Soy Wax

Scented soy candles. As you may be aware, soy wax candles are becoming very popular. But do you know why? Or how exactly does the soy plant become the wax that is used for your favourite candles? Keep reading to find out more...

Soy wax is a vegetable wax made from soy beans. After they are harvested, these beans need to go through a few steps before we can have what we call wax.

They are first cleaned, cracked, de-hulled, and rolled into flake form. Once in flakes, the oil can be extracted and then hydrogenated. During this process, some of the fatty acids are transformed from unsaturated to saturated, changing the melt point of the oil, allowing it to be in solid state at room temperature.

double boiler metal pitcher with melting soy wax flakes
Double Boil Method For Soy Wax Melting

So why do we love soy wax? Soy is completely renewable and biodegradable, unlike paraffin which is derived from the shrinking reserves of earth's oil.

Another advantage is that when used in a well made candle, it will burn slow (meaning you get more bang for your buck) and clean (very little to no soot accumulation on the jar - trimming the wicks is also a very important step to prevent this).

And when you're done enjoying your beautiful candle, dump the leftover melted wax in the trash can ( wait a few minutes to allow container to cool a bit, don't want you burning yourself by accident!) and wash the jar with warm water and soap. Now you can reuse the container for something else!

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Happy Candle Burning!