The essential tips you need to know to why Fiery Wicks Candles burn so bright ( just like your future!)

Hi there, we are so happy you showed interest in checking out this candle care page. There are a few steps that should be followed to ensure the best performance of your candle.

It is general knowledge that candles should always be burned in a safe, fire resistant surface and away from walls and any flammable items, as well as be kept away from children and pets.

The following care instructions can be found on a Thank You/Candle Care card which you will receive with your order, but if you are ever to misplace, loose, or trash it, you can always find the information on this page. Feel free to look it up whenever needed.

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Never leave your burning candles unattended, always burn them within sight.

We test burn and stress test our candles to ensure we've done everything in our power to create a safe candle for you to enjoy. But as careful as one can be, accidents can happen so make sure to not leave the house or go to sleep while your candles burn, in case something does happen you do not get hurt and can stop it right away.

Keep candles away from children, pets, drafts, fans, and vents.

Make sure to never let your candles burning in a place where your kids and pets can reach them. We all know children and pets are curious by nature but may not always realize how they can get hurt by touching open flames or knocking a candle over. And by keeping your candles away from drafts and vents you are ensuring these two things don't affect the flames and cause your candles to malfunction.


Make sure to never burn candles on or near flammable objects.

We all love candles but they are a fire hazard if not burned correctly. They have an open flame and the containers get hot, so make sure you always use them on a heat resistant surface and keep the flame always clear from anything that can catch fire, like curtains, for example.

Trim the wick to about 1/4 inch before each burn.


To ensure the best performance of your candle and prevent oversized flames and excess soot, you should always trim the wicks prior to lighting it and never leave the trimmings in the container. These loose trimmings can become a source of secondary ignition which can cause your candle vessel to overheat and break (the last thing you need is to clean a waxy mess and get hurt).

When burning your candle, allow it to reach a full melt pool


A full melt pool is when you let the  wax melt as close to the container wall as possible (usually between two and four hours). This will prevent tunnelling (when your candle burns a "whole" leaving a lot of unmelted wax on the container walls) and candle failure (wick going out on its own). The last thing you want is to not get your money worth because half the wax never melted.

DO NOT burn your candle for more than 4 hours at a time.


We all have burned candles for what feels like all day long (I have done this myself, not judging here) but doing so may cause the glass to overheat and break and as I mentioned before, the last thing you want is to clean up a waxy mess and having your things damaged by it, even though you can clean up soy wax with some hot soapy water.

Do not touch or move your candle while it is burning.

Pick your candle spot and leave it there. As much as we try to ensure our candles do not cause the jar to overheat, it does still get hot and you can burn yourself and even drop the candle which could cause further injury and start a fire.

Discard the candle when there is only 1/2" of wax left.

When you've burned your candle down and have only between 1/2" and 1/4" of wax left, it is time to retire it.  At this point there isn't enough wax to support the wick and it can move too close to the container wall causing it to overheat and break. Now, all of our wicks are secured to the bottom of the jar so this wick drifting should not happen, but not all candle companies do this, so it is in general good and safe practice to discard of your candle once it reaches this point.

Have a question I didn't answer or that you'd love more tips on?